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Sol705 campaign

Troll Song tuning up for 2015 release

We've all heard of trolls. They're ugly and mindless and like to hide under bridges terrorising passing adventurers, right? Maybe not, as Troll Song intends to change that perception. Trolls may be primitive, but indie developer Team Disaster are out to show that they also have their own culture, feelings, and a sense of honour and morality. They even make music (sort of).

Sadly, less enlightened types (who presumably didn't get the memo about the whole noble savage thing) have been doing their best to wipe them out. Playing as Clod, one of the few to survive the trollicide, you have to rescue your friends and ultimately (dramatic pause) fulfil your destiny, all while learning about the history of the troll race. 

The game began life in early 2013, winning Best Demo at the AGS Awards. It was so well received, in fact, that the authors decided to transition from an episodic freeware title to a complete commercial one. The plan now is to release late next year, with the first of five "verses" available for free. It will feature "lovingly crafted" pixel art, full voice acting and an orchestral music score. There will be a definite retro feel to the gameplay too, complete with troll-themed verbs such as kick, smash and roar. That's not to say the game's stuck in the stone age, though: there will also be some modern features like a hint system included.     

Team Disaster are aiming to release Troll Song for Windows and Linux, with the possibility of Mac, iOS and Android down the line. In the meantime, you can keep up with developments at the official website or give the original demo a try.

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