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Sol705 campaign

Horror adventure The Crow’s Eye sets sights on Kickstarter

Terror is going to be in the eye of the beholder in 2015, when Spanish developer 3D2 Entertainment plans to unleash The Crow’s Eye on the world. The “first-person terror adventure” will incorporate storytelling, exploration, and some light crafting in the hopes of hitting the sweet spot horror fans have been craving. Of course, meeting or exceeding its $35,000 Kickstarter goal by December 15th will be the team’s first hurdle.

The Crow’s Eye tells the tale of a young man who enigmatically awakens in the abandoned Crowswood University, which was shut down nineteen years earlier after some gruesome creature sightings and several unexplained disappearances around campus. Now in the 1960s, the protagonist must look for recorded messages scattered around the derelict campus – messages recorded two decades earlier, revealing piece by piece the larger mystery surrounding the site’s unsavory history.

In addition to exploring the buildings and surrounding area of Crowswood University for recordings, players will need to solve puzzles and craft items to help them survive the horrors that go bump in this digital night. Rather than a full-fledged combat system, items can be assembled to help you survive encounters by either strengthening you or driving off the monsters. At other times, puzzles must be solved to advance the plot. Enemy encounters are more focused on studying movement patterns to avoid conflict altogether. The development team cites some of its inspirations as BioShock for its narrative and visual influences, and Amnesia for its non-combat approach to enemy encounters.

If fully crowdfunded, the finished game will release for Windows, Mac, and Linux next July, and project backers can snag a digital copy of the game for as little as $10. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page for a full list of rewards, as well as additional trailers, soundtrack selections, and playable demos of the game. You can also vote for The Crow's Eye on Steam Greenlight.

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