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Survival horror Ingonga unleashed on Kickstarter

The swamplands of deepest Louisiana have remained largely untouched and undisturbed, barring the occasional voodoo ceremony or God-of-Madness-worshipping cult. But HeyKiddo! Games is aiming to change all that in 2015 with the release of their gothic horror adventure Ingonga, at least if they’re able to secure the necessary funding through Kickstarter.

In Ingonga, players will take on the role of young Luna, a woman searching an isolated island in the Louisiana bayous for her missing mother. Twenty years ago, an unspeakable evil was unleashed in this very place, and as night falls and Luna delves deeper into the island, it becomes clear that not all is as peaceful and serene as it first seemed.

Drawing on the developers’ darkest nightmares for inspiration, Ingonga is a first-person survival horror game that relies on exploration and wits to advance its story, though some occasional action elements like stealth and combat will be included in flashback sequences. Players will sometimes stumble across videotapes recorded twenty years earlier by a witness to the atrocities committed here. Watching these will offer insights into the story and provide clues to solving some of the island’s puzzles.

Designer Rhett Chassereau is implementing another staple perfect for the swampy setting: voodoo (this is Louisiana, after all). Contrary to its popular portrayal, however, his approach to the religion is one that will benefit and protect the player rather than acting as a malign force with which to contend. Some enemy designs are directly influenced by local folklore, and aspects of the religion are integrated into the gameplay as well. Protective gris-gris can be constructed from items found on the island; some of the Loa (voodoo spirits) play a role in either aiding you or leading you astray on your journey; and Veves, the Loa’s divine symbols found around the island, send you on side missions in unique settings.

The game’s trailers already look quite atmospheric and not for the faint of heart, but in order to finish production the developers are seeking to raise $65,000 by November 30th on Kickstarter. A digital copy of Ingonga is available starting at $15, and the game is slated for release exclusively on PC by November 2015. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter page for complete details.

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