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The Silent Age: Episode Two making noise on iOS and Android

The first taste may be free, but once you're hooked it's going to cost you. No, we're not pushing drugs here, just describing the marketing tactics of House on Fire's The Silent Age series, which launched free to great acclaim last year. Now the series returns with its second and final installment, but this time there's a price tag attached.

The Silent Age casts players in the role of an "average Joe", a custodian whose encounter with a dying man thrusts him into a time-traveling adventure to help save an imminent apocalypse. In the first game, Joe found himself shifting back and forth between his present day 1972 and 40 years later, a future in which everyone is already dead, the world eerily silent. The second installment promises to conclude Joe's "quest to save mankind from a hellish demise."

Like its predecessor, Episode Two will feature an "eerie soundtrack and stylistic visuals that will keep you in suspense as you solve mind-bending puzzles." Along the way, you'll explore over 60 new locations and interact with new characters using an "optimized interface" for touch devices. The sequel also boasts of including an improved dialogue system, dynamic new animations, and enhanced graphic effects.

If you missed out on Episode One the first time around, it is still available free of charge for both iPhone and iPad and Android devices. If you like what you see, the sequel is now available for $4.99 as an in-app purchase on all devices.

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Yes, finally! After playing the first episode, I was eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Now it is here, looking (and sounding?) even better, but obviously not missing the pioneer-like charm of the beginning. Can´t wait to download the update, the price is very reasonable for having a good time with such a game. Thanks to the developers for keeping up the nice work. This is an indie game I can really appreciate.

Oct 21, 2014
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