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> Vote for Interactive Fiction Competition

If ever you needed proof that Interactive Fiction (IF) is still very much alive and kicking, look no further than the Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. Since its inception in 1995 it has become a centrepiece of the IF community, playing host to many critically-acclaimed and highly influential games, such as Photopia, Slouching Towards Bedlam and, more recently, Coloratura.

This year there are 42 entries – seven more than last year. There is something for everyone, from the more traditional parser-based adventures to hypertext and choice-based games. Some even have a bit of both worlds; for instance, one entry is a partly-graphical hypertext game that pays homage to point-and-click adventures.

You can play the entries through the IFComp website, either online or as a direct download. However, to vote on the entries, there is a requirement that you play at least five games beforehand.

The competition will end on the 15th November, after which time the winners will be announced and the various prizes awarded.