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Tales of Cosmos being charted for 2015 release

You can imagine that any tale of the cosmos would be many years in the making. That is especially true of Red Dwarf Games' Tales of Cosmos, which has already been in development for several years and will take a little longer yet, though its PC release is at last visible on the horizon.

Tales of Cosmos casts players in the roles of Perseus the Dog and Professor Gagayev, two astronauts who have crash landed on an unknown planet. With nothing to rely on but the "environment and their own resourcefulness", players must help the pair escape and launch them into an even greater adventure that will have you "explore space, discover new planets, recruit the help of local lifeforms, and unravel a cosmic mystery."

Inspired by the point-and-click classics of the '90s, Tales of Cosmos promises what so few modern adventures do anymore: provide a "huge" open world to explore. Travel between the various hand-drawn planets and moons will not only be possible but necessary, as "each planet has numerous characters and objects to interact with, as well as many puzzles to solve." Some puzzles are even interconnected, as "an item acquired on one planet may be useful on another." There's no fear of being bogged down by its scope, however, as an integrated hint system will be available in times of need.

There is still no firm release date set for Tales of Cosmos, but the developers are estimating a PC launch sometime in the first quarter of 2015. To learn more about the game in the meantime, visit the developer's website and Steam Greenlight page.

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