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Futuristic re-creation adventure Exgenesis begins on Indiegogo

We're all familiar with the Genesis story of how the world came to be. But what would happen if the world ever needed to be created anew? Enter Exgenesis, a whole new kind of creation story currently seeking funding through Indiegogo.

While details are still sketchy about the game's plot, Exgenesis is set in a dystopian future  where "mankind has completely lost his spirituality and is now living only to fulfill his material needs. This isn’t acceptable anymore. A new beginning is needed. A new earth." But what would that new world be like, and who would inhabit it? These answers will be up to the powers that be, as "they’re already watching us. They’re judging us. They’re already choosing who's worthy of watching the dawn of the new humankind, and those who will take part in it."

This backdrop, based on "real ancient beliefs", sets the stage for a point-and-click adventure that delves the "most intimate places of [your] personality... on a journey to discover the secrets of existence." It will be presented using a mix of real photographs, clay models, and computer graphics in order to create a "dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere." Along the way there will be traditional adventure elements like "puzzles to solve, items to collect and use, places to explore, dialogues", but since the protagonist is you yourself, deciding "what’s right or wrong is up to [you] and the story will take shape accordingly."

Italian indie developers 48h Studio hope to complete this "original take on the genesis myth" for PC sometime in the first half of 2015, and in order to do so they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise €35,000 by October 19th. (Note that as a flexible funding campaign, all pledges will go to support the game whether it reaches its target goal or not.) A limited-time early bird pledge of €12 will earn backers a DRM-free download of the game. Ports to other platforms, including Mac, Linux, iPad and Android tablets are also possible if certain stretch goals are met.

To learn more about Exgenesis and contribute to its crowdfunding, visit the Indiegogo page for complete details. You can also vote to have the game released through Steam Greenlight.

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