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Sierra is back, with new King’s Quest first up

With gamescom 2014 just kicking off today, the news for adventure fans may already have reached its peak (metaphorically speaking), as Activision confirmed today that both the Sierra brand and King's Quest are being revived for a new installment in the venerable classic series next year.

Activision hinted at the Sierra news early this week with a website and teaser, leading to much speculation about which properties might be dusted off under the old/new label. It turns out that King's Quest will be the first adventure series resurrected, with a new game developed by The Odd Gentlemen, the indie developers behind The Adventures of P.B. Winterbottom and Wayward Manor, and self-proclaimed "huge fans" of the original KQ series.

While very few details have yet been released, this promises to be a "fully reimagined" installment that is "fit for both the old and new generation of King's Quest players." Promising a "charming new adventure with an awe-inspiring art style, engaging puzzles, and a wondrous interactive narrative brimming with humor", the new story will see King Graham share his "life's adventures with his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn. It is through these tales that Gwendolyn discovers the true greatness of her grandfather."

We'll be keeping a close eye on developments of this game, and hopefully it enjoys a better fate than the previously-announced (then quietly cancelled) reboot from Telltale Games. If all goes according to plan, King's Quest is due to arrive sometime in 2015.

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Latest comments (4 total)

lame. well no, its cool. but the last 2 kq’s were terrible (especially the 3d one)... i hope this means they might just invest in the 2 guys and fund a new SQ or something Grin or the coles with a new QFG. now that would be something.

Sep 23, 2014

Have been quietly waiting for many years for this to come about

Aug 15, 2014

I`m expecting a Gabriel Knight 4 ou a new Phantasmagoria someday being producing by Sierra.

Aug 13, 2014

Hmm.. having seen the games that studio made, I’m not having much confidence in it being a ‘classic’, I’ve got a feeling it will be more like Leisure suit larry box offfice bust.. But time will tell..

Aug 12, 2014
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