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The Official to be ready for inspection this fall

Office buildings have become hazardous to adventure gamers recently (as anyone who guided the protagonist through The Stanley Parable can attest), and the latest such surreal corporate environment will soon be open for business in The Official.

Very little is know about The Official, as indie developer Tymon Zgainski says that the story is meant to be discovered by players directly as they explore and investigate an "office building which might not be what it initially seems to be." He describes it as a "3D-puzzle-adventure-exploration game about life, work, death and, possibly, the meaning of everything in between." Only by interacting with the environment and solving puzzles will players be able to piece together the mystery of this building and have any hope of escape.

Created with a custom built 3D engine, The Official will be entirely mouse-controlled, as seen in the first trailer for the game. It is being developed initially for PC, but the engine flexibility allows it to be ported to smartphones and tablets as well.

There is currently no firm release date for The Official, but it should be arriving some time this fall. In the meantime, you can follow the game at its Official website.

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