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Steampunker under construction for iPad release this summer

The iPad made be cutting edge technology, but it’s about to get a little dose of steampunk in a new point-and-tap adventure courtesy of developer Telehorse.

Steampunker is, as the name implies, set in a steampunk-inspired Victorian England, in which a gentleman named Vincent must defend his beloved home planet against evil invading robots from space. To do so, he must “use his imagination and creativity to fix a variety of machines and mechanisms” as well as solve over 30 types of minigames and puzzles.

Featuring a stylized art design, resembling grainy vintage photographs at times and cutout animation at others, Steampunker is the second game in recent memory to draw inspiration from inventor Nikola Tesla, and features a conceptual  soundtrack based upon his work.

While a firm release date has not yet been announced, the game is due to be released sometime this summer, and interested players can head to the game’s official website for continued updates.

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