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Kickstarter lighting up for Bulb Boy

As adventure gamers, we've all had those "aha!" moments where the light bulb suddenly switches on in our heads. But an indie Polish development team is taking that notion one step further: what if the light bulb is our head?!  That's the premise behind the quirky new point-and-click adventure Bulb Boy, currently raising funds through Kickstarter.

The diminutive Bulb Boy lives in the Electric Forest, growing up in a "big old house with his GRANDPAraffin and Mothdog. It was a time of fun, friendship and love." All that changes one night, however, when "Bulb wakes suddenly from a frightening nightmare to discover that darkness has overshadowed the old family house. GRANDPAraffin and Mothdog have disappeared." In order to find them while warding off the evil creatures now roaming the house, you'll need to use your head – literally!

Having a bulb for a head comes with unique abilities, as "not only does your head light up, emit heat and electrical shocks, [it] can also be unscrewed for use in other places." You'll need all these talents and more as you fend off a host of monsters, including flesh-eating moths, Bulb's favourite plush bunny, whose "snot manifests itself into different shapes and forms and becomes deadly", and a headless chicken that can sense light and "choke the life out of you using its headless neck." Each of the game's four main sections will be protected by a "monstrous boss" and there will be reflex elements involved in defeating some of them, but you'll also need to employ "a little trickery" to succeed.

As seen in the teaser and first screenshots, Bulb Boy is a stylish hand-drawn adventure with no dialogue, just animated thought bubbles used to communicate ideas. Inspired by the likes of Gobliiins and Machinarium, the game promises to combine a cute and likeable main character with a "slow-paced horror story". You can sample the game for yourself, as there is a browser-based tech demo already available.

If you like what you see so far, you'll want to hop on over to the game's Kickstarter campaign, where the developers are seeking $40,000 by July 27th. If successful, the game is due to arrive on PC, Mac, and Linux by October 2015, with iOS and Android ports also possible. A minimum $15 pledge is required to receive a downloadable copy of the game upon completion. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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