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Sol705 campaign

The Little Acre being cultivated for year-end release

It may not sound like there's a whole lot of adventuring possible in a game called The Little Acre, but there is when it leads to a whole new dimension for a father-daughter team in the upcoming indie offering from Irish developer Pewter Game Studios.

From inside his garden shed, Aidan is transported into another dimension through one of his father's eccentric inventions. There he meets a variety of characters who "eat by taking 'life essence' from the living things around them and in doing so take on the characteristics of the things they feed from." One such local, an age-old villager named Twiggy, offers Aidan help in getting home in exchange for rescuing some friends from a town prison. Meanwhile, his daughter Lily is also transported into this mysterious world and begins to "figure out the mystery of this strange world and her missing father and grandfather."

As seen in the early screenshots and trailer, The Little Acre is a fully voiced, hand-drawn, point-and-click 2D adventure, but the alternate dimension gives the game several distinct qualities that makes it stand out from its contemporaries. While the family farm in the regular world is shown in the usual side-view format with traditional-style puzzles, the other dimension provides for a rather dramatic change, both visually and in terms of gameplay. Here the view shifts to an isometric perspective, and puzzle solving for Aidan centers around a "gauntlet device he wears and certain types of plants that you encounter throughout the game. Each of these plants has an 'essence' such as being sleepy, explosive, attractive, etc. and the player can use the gauntlet to suck in this essence and shoot it at other items to essentially transfer this essence into another item." Lily, too, has a unique way of overcoming obstacles in this world.

While the gameplay in this other dimension is described as "a little more action-based", the developers have confirmed that the obstacles don't require significant dexterity. Instead, the puzzles are designed to offer a change of pace from the traditional adventure approach while still "very much solved by thinking about them in your own time."

The Little Acre is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, and if all goes well we could be seeing the game as early as the end of this year. In the meantime, you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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