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Tiny Space Adventure lands on iOS App Store

Crash landing today onto an iOS platform near you comes a new point-and-tap game, Tiny Space Adventure, in which you must guide a cosmonaut across an unknown planet and discover the secrets of the wicked robots known as Ziktoriks.

Tiny Space Adventure represents a new direction for indie developer A&R Entertainment, who have previously created educational games for children. With your rocket broken beyond repair and no hope for rescue, players guide the protagonist to a functional rocket spied in the distance. The task is not going to be easy though. A hostile environment awaits, full of acidic liquids, laser traps, razor-sharp spikes, and monster denizens which all promise a quick yet painful death. Worst of all are the Ziktoriks, who are stupid but also very very, very naughty.

As seen in the trailer, visually Tiny Space Adventure aims for simplisticity; cute and colourful. The game presents levels full of traps and obstacles to overcome. Player must use their faculties of observation and analysis to plan routes to complete levels while pressing to interact with many objects that – hopefully – allow them to progress. Surviving is certainly the goal but each death will be a learning experience. Highly reminiscent of a platformer on the surface, the developer is quick to assure this is no game of sprinting and jumping but of experimentation and wits. Attempting to rush will only lead to a quick and untimely end.

If this has your fingers itching in anticipation, there’s no need to wait. Tiny Space Adventure is available now for both iPhone and iPad via the App Store. You can also learn more about the game at the official website.

Details on Tiny Space Adventure

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