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Kickstarter page opened for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

As hordes of satisfied fans can attest, KING Art's The Book of Unwritten Tales was one of 2011’s very best adventures. A shorter-length, stand-alone prequel arrived the following year, but now the German developer is ready to announce a proper sequel in the world of Aventasia. Appropriately titled The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, the game is already fully funded thanks to Austrian publisher Nordic Games, but KING Art has taken to Kickstarter in hopes that community support can make the final release even better.

While story details are scant at the moment, gamers can already expect around twenty hours of point-and-click puzzle-solving, more homage-laden humor, and the return of familiar characters such as the dwarf Wilbur Weathervane and elf Princess Ivo. The base crowdfunding level of $65,000 would allow the inclusion of “projection-mapping,” a rendering technique that enhances the 3D graphics and allows more dynamic use of the game’s camera, while leaving the system requirements unchanged. Higher stretch goals allow for a variety of enhancements not usually seen in point-and-click adventures, including RPG-style elements such as optional “sidequest” puzzles, custom outfits for your characters to wear, and the opportunity for the soundtrack to be recorded using a live orchestra. The Kickstarter also provides gamers the opportunity to snag an exclusive boxed copy of the game.

Regardless of how much public support icing ends up on this much-anticipated cake, the final game is slated to arrive in January 2015, with DRM-free release on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. Gamers who pledge $25 will receive the final game, plus be eligible for Steam Early Access, which will see each of BoUT’s chapters delivered separately to backers as they are finished, starting in fall 2014.

Interested gamers can find more information at The Book of Unwritten Tales 2’s Kickstarter page and the series’ official website.

Details on The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

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