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New adventure from ASA designer set to land this summer in Catyph

Following up on the 2013 release of ASA: A Space Adventure, indie developer Simon Mesnard is working on a follow-up called Catyph: The Kunci Experiment.

While not an actual sequel to ASA, the game will once again be a first-person, point-and-click affair, requiring the player to sort out some strange goings-on in the universe:

“You play in 2062 as an astronaut sent by Terra to explore the solar system in search for signs of intelligent life. After going through strange events, you finally land on Tytaah, a moon of planet Catyph. You quickly realise that a mechanism called the Kunci is the reason for your presence here, and a man of unknown identity asks you to make it work for him. You'll have to explore the moon and other places to gather more informations and understand the situation.”

For his sophomore effort, Simon promises a similar gameplay experience while addressing some of the issues from his first game, including improved (HD) visuals and multiple difficulty levels: “I think I can say that Catyph is to ASA what Riven was to Myst.”

Additional details can be found at the official website. Catyph: The Kunchi Experiment is currently scheduled for release on PCs sometime this summer.

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