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Sol705 campaign

Carol Reed fated for new adventure this March in Bosch’s Damnation

If there’s one thing Carol Reed fans have come to expect, it’s Swedish developer MDNA Games’ clockwork release schedule. In keeping with this tradition, the next installment in the prolific point-and-click adventure series, Bosch’s Damnation, is on track to appear this March.

Bosch’s Damnation centers on the disappearance of entrepreneur Malte Stierngranat and his family. Carol is called to investigate by George, a man employed by Malte’s son, Erik. Her investigation initially seems to grow cold, but then the boyfriend of Malte’s granddaughter is found dead in a barn owned by the Stierngranats. The subsequent police investigation determines that his body has been there since the family vanished, and this discovery brings Carol back to unravel the mystery.

Like all Carol Reed games, this one will take place in Sweden, but is written in English, and is played from a slideshow, first-person perspective. In a first for the series, however, Bosch’s Damnation will feature both summer and winter locales for players to explore.

Releasing exclusively on PC, Bosch’s Damnation will be available on disc and as a digital download. Interested sleuths can find more information at the game’s official website.

Community Comments

Latest comments (2 total)

Same here! Also a fan, really love the sometimes creepy places and great puzzles. I’m Always amazed how much “crap” some houses have (some rooms are overstuffed with electronic stuff XD ha),and i also love the snooping around in real live houses. Forests…not so much, i ALWAYS miss something heh.

Looking forward to it:)

Jan 20, 2014

I’m a great fan of these games. I love to walk around in all those abandoned buildings Carol has to search through, and wallow in the Swedish summer with its beautiful low sun and the great colors it produces. And now we get winter scenes as well! I can’t wait to play this game.

Jan 20, 2014
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