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Anyone? Ferris Bueller mobile parody targets January release

Ferris Bueller may have desperately wanted a day off almost 30 years ago, but iOS and Android owners may also soon find themselves looking for one to play the parody Ferris Mueller's Day Off when it releases later this month.

Unlike in the classic 1986 movie, Ferris Mueller is – quite appropriately – a mule. But he's a slacker mule who's already taken his ninth sick day of the year, and it's your job to "find him and get him back to work. There’s a problem though, Ferris really doesn’t like work – he finds it ‘a little childish and stupid’ – so he’s blocked your path with a series of puzzles of ever increasing weirdness, and intricate locking systems."

A first-person, point-and-tap adventure, Ferris Mueller is from Glitch Games, creator of the two Forever Lost episodes. Unlike its darker, grittier predecessors, however, the new game features bright, hand-drawn cartoon artwork, along with a host of "designed-when-drunk puzzles, and characters that are just begging to get us sued."

Helping out with these puzzles is a camera that lets you take photos of clues and anything else you wish to store in an in-game photo album, where you can write notes on them for further use. There's also an in-game hint system if you need a little more assistance in tracking Mueller down.

Ferris Mueller's Day Off is currently nearing completion and is on track for release on the App Store and Google Play later this month.

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