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Retro cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories open for perusal on Kickstarter

Developer MidBoss Games is preparing to let us visit the future by taking us into the past in their ultra-retro cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories, currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.

The year is 2064. As a rookie journalist, life’s tough in Neo San Francisco. But events quickly turn hairy when a friend sends you the latest ROM, an intelligent AI device that has replaced all other mobile technology in the Neo-SF of the future. Leaving you nothing but a cryptic note, your friend disappears mysteriously. It seems all is not what it seems with the ROM you’ve been entrusted with, and you embark upon an investigation into the secrets hidden by the AI device and Parallax, the nebulous corporation behind it.

Designed with a simple command-based interface and graphics approximating 8-bit fidelity, the game is a futuristic mystery set in a world of advanced technology. As you progress, you’ll encounter "additional ROMs that can be collected to install new personalities; each personality unlocks new dialog and action options." You'll meet a variety of colorful characters along the way, but be careful in deciding " who to trust, who to work with and who to challenge in this harrowing journey through Neo-SF."

In addition to providing an original adventure tale, Read Only Memories also has its sights set on social and gender issues in our society. The creators of "GaymerX" are putting emphasis on several hot-button topics not traditionally addressed by video games, including discourse on the sexual orientation of its characters and even offering players a choice in the protagonist’s orientation.

Consisting of a prologue and five main acts, Read Only Memories will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux initially, as well as the Ouya console, with ports to Android and iOS devices coming later. The game is currently slated to ship in November 2014 if the game reaches its Kickstarter pledge goal of $62,064 dollars by December 13. You can secure a downloadable copy for the launch platforms with a minimum pledge of only $6, and all pledges made up to the target goal will be matched dollar for dollar by Ouya’s Free the Games Fund.

Visit the Read Only Memories Kickstarter campaign page for more information and to nab a copy for yourself. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight if you'd like to see it released there upon completion.

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