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Three-part indie Vague comes into focus later this year

The fear of the unknown is one of man’s true primal fears – nothing is quite as frightening as finding yourself trapped in unfamiliar surroundings and having no power to change your situation. Which is exactly what indie developer Amr Mohsen is counting on. Tapping into this disorientation, upcoming point-and-click mystery adventure Vague explores the question of how far we’re willing to go when stripped of all the trappings of a safe, everyday life.

In this episodic adventure series, a man named McCoy one day finds himself unceremoniously locked away in a strange room with an even stranger cellmate, much to his dismay. Not knowing who imprisoned him or why he’s been locked up here – or even where here is – McCoy attempts an escape. And that’s when things take a real turn for the bizarre...

True to form, many details about Vague are, at this time, exactly as the name implies. The game will be divided into three playable chapters, starting with a flashback leading to McCoy’s imprisonment. A one-man production, Mohsen predicts the game will release on PC before the end of the year, though a playable demo has already been made available for download.

The first chapter of Vague will be released for free, with pricing (if any) for chapters 2 and 3 still undecided, according to the developer.

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