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Supreme League of Patriots recruiting new members in 2014

Time to dryclean those tights and dust off that cape because the three-part Supreme League of Patriots is coming to save the day, beginning early next year.

The first effort by developer No Bull Intentions, Supreme League of Patriots tells the tale of Kyle, an out-of-work actor looking for his big break on a superhero-themed reality show called "America's Got Superpowers." In order to win the contest, though, he'll need to complete a series of grueling challenges and win the adulation of America. Which is when the real trouble begins.

Over the course of three episodes, players will follow Kyle from wannabe actor to delusional vigilante and, finally, to honest-to-goodness superhero. Sporting a bright palette and an art style reminiscent of Pendulo's Runaway series, Supreme League of Patriots should excite any fans of comedy (or superhero) adventures.

We'll see if the game is the stuff of legend when the first episode, A Patriot is Born, hits PC, Mac, and Linux early next year. Until then, you can keep up with the game on the official website.

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