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Blindness-themed indie adventure Beyond Eyes seeks funding on Indiegogo

Adventure fans who prefer their games to have a heavy dose of artistic flair will be pleased to hear that the indie adventure Beyond eyes has been sighted on Indiegogo.

Currently in production by team-of-one developer tiger & squid, Beyond eyes tells the story of Rae, a timid blind girl whose only friend, a feline named Nani, goes missing. To find him, Rae must venture out beyond the comfort and safety of her family’s garden where she has spent most of her life and into an unfamiliar world.

Rendered in 3D and played from a third-person perspective, Beyond eyes promises players some unique challenges due to the protagonist’s blindness. As players guide Rae through the initially-stark-white game world, she will need to use all of her senses other than sight to “paint” a pastel-hued picture of the world around her as she searches for her lost cat.

In addition, a “trust” mechanic allows for a dynamic relationship between Rae and the gamer. Cautious, trustworthy players who gain the protagonist’s confidence will find Rae more willing to take risks and explore more of the world. In contrast, if you press Rae into uncomfortable situations, you may find her unwilling to trust your commands and even disobey your wishes. No matter what style of play you prefer, however, Rae cannot die. Playthroughs are expected to last under six hours, with the exact length determined by how exploration-oriented the player is.

Tiger & squid has set up a fundraiser on Indiegogo to secure the necessary cash by October 23 to finish development by July 2014. Although the goal is set at 10,000 euro (approx. $13,500), the “flexible” nature of the campaign means that the developer will keep whatever funds are raised, even if the full goal is not met. One hundred downloadable PC copies of Beyond eyes are available for early pledges of 10 euro each; the regular price is 15 euro.

More information about Beyond eyes can be found at the game's official website and Facebook page.

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