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Kickstarter campaign erected for black-and-white puzzler Project: Monolith

Calling all lovers of mystery-laden islands and ancient mechanical complexes: a new indie game has appeared on Kickstarter in hopes of bringing adventure fans more of that puzzling goodness that they know and love but never get very often anymore.

Currently in development by the dual talents of Cyrus Conner and Chris O'Donnell, Project: Monolith is a first-person adventure game set on an island complex known only as the "Monolith." Inspired by works such as the TV show LOST and the Myst series of computer games, the island featured here is chock full of hulking, delapidated machines and assorted technological devices just waiting to be discovered.

Mouse and keyboard in hand, players will be sent into the environment with no knowledge of who they are or what the Monolith's ultimate purpose is. Understandably, the developers are being tight-lipped about story details, but they have said that the player must explore the Monolith, solve puzzles, and reactivate the machinery found across the island in order to uncover its mysteries.

Complementing this mysterious environment is the game's unique art style. Rendered in full 3D, Project: Monolith's world is shaded entirely in black, white, and grey tones. Even jungle foliage, which one would typically expect to be a vivid green, is presented without color, lending an oppressive, otherworldly feel to the game.

Most playthroughs are expected to last less than four hours, with less experienced and more exploration-minded players taking longer to encounter everything that the game has to offer. The developers have said that they want Project: Monolith to be a "more digestible experience," something that they feel many players will appreciate.

In order to bring the game to light by March 2014 on PC, the developers hope that their Kickstarter campaign will net $225,000 by October 10. Intrigued gamers can score a digital copy of the final game for $10, with alpha and beta build access provided for $15 to early birds, or to latecomers for $20.

In addition to the Kickstarter page, more information can be found on Project: Monolith's official webpage.

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