Tex Murphy’s Project Fedora gets a jolt with official title, first video

It's been 15 years since the last Tex Murphy adventure, and over a year since we found out a new one was on its way, but at long last there's a first live glimpse of the newly-rebranded Tesla Effect.

Successfully funded through Kickstarter last June under the working title "Project Fedora", there's been little information publicly disclosed to non-backers about the game until now, though the team at Big Finish Games has been hard at work all year. But now we all get to finally see the first substantial evidence of its progress with today's release of a handful of new screenshots and the first live-action trailer for the game.

Details about the plot of Tesla Effect are still sketchy at this point, but the video poses a promising scenario: "What if Lucifer had not been defeated, but lay in wait... preparing for his chance to overthrow heaven? Look at the world around you. Did heaven win the battle? Your role, whether for good or evil, has yet to be determined."

The finished game is still a fair way off, but stay tuned for more about Tesla Effect in the coming months, including an in-depth interview here at Adventure Gamers with director Adrian Carr.

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