Dark indie mystery Fran Bow takes aim at crowdfunding - now with demo

Step aside, Laura. There's a new Bow in town. Her name is Fran, and a crowdfunding campaign has just been launched to help finance her self-titled debut adventure.

Fran Bow is a troubled little girl whose parents were brutally murdered, leaving Fran and her pet cat in the care of her aunt Grace. And then "something happens" and things go from bad to worse, as the cat disappears and Fran is locked up in an "asylum for mad children". But when the cat appears in Fran's dreams, she starts to plan her escape. Along the way, she will "get help from strange creatures and find out that the murder of her parents is unimaginably terrible, and finally confront the one responsible."

Created by the two-person Swedish development team Killmonday, Fran Bow promises to be a "very dark and almost cruel point-and-click adventure." It features distinctive hand-drawn art, as seen in the fundraising pitch video, and will offer "lots of puzzles" and even death throughout its five chapters (in one complete game, not separate episodes), plus minigame interludes between chapters that are "inspired by old arcade classics".

With two of the five chapters nearly complete, Killmonday is turning to Indiegogo with an appeal for $20,000 by August 30th in order to finish the game by next July. A minimum $10 pledge will reward backers with a DRM-free downloadable version of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, along with iOS and Android devices. As always, the more you donate, the greater the selection of digital and physical perks.

To learn more about Fran Bow and to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit the Indiegogo page for complete details. Note that this is a "fixed funding" campaign, so the developers will only receive money if the full goal is reached.

UPDATE: Since time of writing, a demo of the game has been released for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Fran Bow

Android, iPad, Mac, PC, Linux

August 27, 2015 by Killmonday

Horror, Mystery


Fran Bow
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Fran Bow

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Advie Advie
Jul 7, 2013

i dont understand they wanna make a game or eat and pay the rent ?

Jus’ Kidding.

haven’t seen a creepy theme like this since Sanitarium ,I REALLY DIG IT.

Jul 9, 2013

Glad you digged it! Well, just to answer your question we want to eat, pay the bills and work on the game! That’s all actually. Try out the demo!

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