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Dropsy isn’t clowning around with second Kickstarter appeal

If you've been crying on the inside at the dearth of surreal, open world adventures, you'll probably want to step right up and support a new Kickstarter campaign for Dropsy.

Dropsy is named after a "hand-less, unintelligible, and questionably human hero" whose ability to speak to animals was exploited by his parents at an early age. Dropsy's circus clown act gained widespread celebrity until a fire resulted in "the tarnishing of his image as a local hero. Their tent now serving as a dilapidated makeshift home, Dropsy and his father struggle to survive by collecting scrap metal and taking (occasionally humorous) odd jobs." Following Dropsy and his dog Eughh, a series of "bizarre, otherworldly events unfold as you discover more about the fateful fire and Dropsy's nebulous past."

As you guide the "sweet but accident-prone clown through strange worlds in a fresh take on the classic point and click adventure"," the game's emphasis is on "surreal atmospheric elements and environmental storytelling" that involves almost no text. There is dialogue with a cast of colourful characters, but conversation occurs visually through a series of icon-based speech bubbles. You can also explore Dropsy's dream world – an "amalgamation of events from his past, opinions, interests, and desires" – when he sleeps to uncover even more of the story, but this is entirely optional.

Beginning life as a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' game thread on a message board, Dropsy was expanded into an interactive adventure game by indie designer Jay Tholen in 2008. To help cover the cost of development software along the way, Tholen launched a very small, successful first Kickstarter campaign back in 2011. Now seeking to ramp up production considerably in order to finish the game by April 2014, Tholen is asking for $25,000 by July 25th in the latest crowdfunding appeal. A $10 donation will result in a free download of the game for PC (and possibly Mac and Linux), but there are a variety of other tiers for added rewards above and beyond that.

To learn more about the game and to contribute to the campaign, visit Dropsy's Kickstarter page for complete details.

Community Comments

Latest comments (4 total)

Okay then! Can’t ask for much more confirmation than that. Smile

Jul 7, 2013

Jackal: Whoops, I forgot to change it in the Rewards area. It’s been like that in the FAQ for a while. We’re definitely releasing for all 3. I’m updating the Kickstarter info now.

Jul 7, 2013

It says “probably” Mac and Linux, which is exactly what the news says. But until those platforms are confirmed, I won’t list them as such.

Jul 6, 2013

In the words of Dropsy’s creator Jay Tholen: “Hahahahahaaa… Adventure games are magic!” Wink

Definitely the most perfect Kickstarter video I have seen yet. I’m ridiculously looking forward to Dropsy.
Btw, the Kickstarter page says the game will be released for Mac and Linux too.

Jul 6, 2013
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