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Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within spreading to digital distributors

It's been nearly six years since Jack Keane confronted a crazed scientist with a trained army of monkeys on Tooth Island, and at long last the bumbling ship's captain is back in an all-new swashbuckling adventure, The Fire Within.

Jack Keane 2 starts off just where you'd expect: with Jack in trouble. It's the late 1800s, and Jack has intentionally let himself be locked up in a Shanghai prison in order to learn the secret about a lost treasure from one of the inmates there. The problem is that Jack forgot to plan an escape route, and getting out will be just the first obstacle in a globe-trotting adventure that takes Jack to such places as Egypt, Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, and even the developer's home town of Hamburg, Germany.

Last time out, Jack met a straight-shooting country girl named Amanda, but in the sequel he also attracts the interest of a sophisticated city girl named Eve. Playing as both female love interests at times, it's a triangle that's destined for fireworks in a game that promises plenty of exciting "action" in a pure adventure gaming format. The original German version was released with keyboard-only controls, but responding to feedback from the gaming community, Deck13 has added a point-and-click control scheme to the English version, giving players the choice of preferred methods.

Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within is available now exclusively for PC at participating digital distrubutors such as GOG, GamersGate and Steam. To learn more Jack's second adventure, be sure to check out our preview of the game.

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