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Alpha demo rises for unique environmental puzzler Lune

Providing gamers with a little late-night entertainment, the indie creators of Lune have just launched a browser-based alpha demo for their unique moon-based puzzler.

Lune strands players alone in a tower on an island in the middle of the ocean. Rather than simply controlling the abandoned protagonist, players can also manipulate the moon itself to influence tides, reflect light, and modify gravity in various ways to overcome the many environmental obstacles in your path and avoid the island's stone guardians.

Rather than creating a traditional adventure, Team Lune claims that the game is "about experiencing things" in a very personal way without any words to tell the story or offer instructions. As advertised, the playable demo is available now directly from the official website, thrusting you straight into the action with no preamble (but I'll give you a hint: keyboard controls moon, mouse controls character). 

There is currently no firm deadline set for the release of Lune, but the developers are targeting completion for Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime this fall.

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