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Futuristic detective mystery Harvest gathering funds through Kickstarter

The word "harvest" may bring to mind pastoral scenes of farms and fields, but it takes on a whole different meaning in the upcoming futuristic detective mystery by that name, currently seeking funds through Kickstarter.

Indie developer GondeFire's Harvest (not to be confused with Michael B. Clark's 2002 adventure) takes place in a future where chemical war has left "99% of the Earth's population unable to produce offspring. The remaining fertile humans are crucial to the survival of mankind, however they begin to disappear mysteriously." Players will control a detective working in Detroit as he attempts to "solve the case and help save the world from human extinction."

Described by designer Kevin Gondek as a stylistic mix between Snatcher and Phoenix Wright, the gameplay in this first-person adventure is largely conducted through action menus with basic commands such as "Look, Investigate and Move", while useful tools needed for your investigation can be accessed through the item menu. Along the way, players will need to contend with periodic action sequences throughout the game as well.

Harvest promises to be hand-painted in high resolution, as teased in the early concept artwork and trailer. In order to polish the game with rich animation, full voiceovers, music and sound effects, however, GondeFire is seeking $10,000 by July 1st through Kickstarter. A successful campaign will result in the game (ideally) being completed in February 2014 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with other platforms possible if stretch goals are reached. A $20 contribution will result in a downloadable version of the game upon release.

To learn more about Harvest and the crowdfunding campaign, visit the Kickstarter page for the full scoop and pledge options.

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