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Interactive prologue heralds lift-off of three-part The Raven this summer

Along with the news that KING Art's upcoming whodunit / heist adventure The Raven will be split into three episodes for release later this summer, publisher Nordic Games has launched a free interactive graphic novel as a prologue for the game.

In KING Art's first adventure since the highly-acclaimed Book of Unwritten Tales series, players will control both the notorious titular thief, who leaves behind a trademark black feather at the scene of his crimes, and the investigators tracking him as they try to protect the legendary "Eye of the Sphinx" sapphire en route from Switzerland to Egypt in the 1960s.

Originally announced as a single standalone game, The Raven will now be released in three episodic installments. The first is due out on various PC, Mac, and Linux download platforms, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network on July 23rd, with the following two episodes slated for August 27th and September 24th. The full series can be preordered now from the official website at a discount of 20% off the regular price.

To help set the mood, the free interactive prologue offers an introduction to the Raven's "ongoing battle of wits with France’s top detective Nicolas Legrand. The story will immerse players in Parisian decadence, lies, deceit and the chase to find the Raven by following the French investigator Legrand; a man closer than anyone to tracking down the Raven, the elusive master criminal, wanted by police forces across the globe."

The graphic novel can be experienced directly in your browser or downloaded for Android or iOS platforms.

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How can it not be available on the Adventure Shop? That GoG and Steam are the only places I buy adventure games, or games for that matter.

Jun 14, 2013
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