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Demo precedes next month’s supernatural pulp mystery Jack Haunt

Solving your own murder may sound impossible, but not when you're a ghost, which is the premise behind Jack Haunt: Old Haunting Grounds, a new supernatural point-and-click pulp mystery adventure set to release next month. 

The titular star of Jack Haunt has just a single night to discover the truth behind his demise and the house in which he was killed, which he is being forced to leave after haunting it for decades. As you investigate, you will "unravel the house’s ghastly tale, discover whodunit, raise the dead, find your remains and live out the fantasy of being a dime-store novel detective. And if you can’t find your body before the sun goes down? Then its lights out for good for ol’ Jack the Private Investigator."

Despite the rather grisly-sounding subject matter, indie developer EvolvingPoet Media is promising to contrast the game's "horrendous implications" with "quirky '50s-cheese writing (and humor?)" and simple hand-drawn graphics, as seen in the first screenshots. In searching the long-abandoned house for clues, you'll encounter puzzles that promise to "make sense and relate to the story", though an in-game hint system will provide help if necessary. With more than 200 objects to interact with, including side quests, there should be lots to explore in these Old Haunting Grounds, purportedly providing over six hours of gameplay all told.

EDIT: Mere days after first being announced, a playable demo for Jack Haunt has now appeared out of thin air. This alpha demo reflects a "not-quite polished state" but does provide a lengthy first-hand look at the full game to come. The 33 MB demo can be downloaded directly from the developer.

Jack Haunt is currently on track for downloadable release sometime in June for PC, with Mac and Linux releases hopefully to follow soon.

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