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Spiritual successor to The Neverhood taking shape in Armikrog

It's been nearly twenty years since The Neverhood, and the classic claymation adventure remains pretty much one-of-a-kind to this day. That may soon change, however, as Doug TenNapel is planning to mold a brand new clay-and-puppet adventure called Armikrog.

First character model for Armikrog

Details of the new game are sketchy at this point, but Armikrog will not be a direct successor to The Neverhood, as EA owns the intellectual rights to the original game. However, the "full-sized" point-and-click adventure for PC and Mac will have new characters in TenNapel's "usual style". Working with Pencil Test Studios, Doug will be joined by fellow Neverhood colleagues Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield, with Terry Taylor once again providing the music.

Whether Armikrog ever sees the light of day will be up to fans, however. TenNapel has confirmed to Adventure Gamers that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in May to raise funds for production, with an eye towards completing the game sometime in the middle of 2014.

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Kickstarter is much better/fairer for developers than outside financiers, so I would be surprised if it would take only some big shot CEOs to offer their full support and indie-minded dev studios would happily hop on back into traditional publishing with the dreadful deals normally associated with it.

Apr 16, 2013

I don’t think you could ask most people you know about King’s Quest and get a lot affirmatives either, to be honest. But I don’t think Neverhood is obscure, I think it was fairly successful by adventure game standards and Skullmonkeys also increases its profile. Its unique style makes it pretty recognizable to anyone who even read about it or saw pictures, too.

Apr 16, 2013

@Frog, Disappointing, yes, but hardly surprising. You’re probably right that it would take some success in the actual marketplace before publishers open their eyes and begins properly funding AG’s. However, isn’t the Neverhood a bit of an obscure little unknown gem? I mean, I’ve allways known about it, and it’s a well known game at this site, but I’m pretty certain that I could walk around and ask just about everyone I know irl, and they’d never heard about it. As far as I know, it wasn’t a commercial success back then either, so I’d be genuinly surprised (yet incredibly happy) if they actually managed to find a publisher to fund the game for them at this point (the sequel Skullmonkeys probably isn’t working in their favour in that respect either).

Apr 14, 2013

Kind of disappointed they still have to go the Kickstarter route. I was hoping eventually financiers would catch up to this trend, but I guess maybe it’ll take some success in the actual marketplace rather than just KS before they wise up.

Still, they have my money. Neverhood was the last big name for me that I was really hoping to see come out of this renaissance.

Apr 13, 2013
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