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Epic Metal Knights now rocking an Indiegogo fundraiser

It's been good month for headbanging adventure gamers. First Double Fine's Brütal Legend (not an adventure, but hey, it's Double Fine) was finally ported to PC, then The Fullbright Company announced that its 1990s-period exploration adventure Gone Home would feature the music of original Riot Grrrl bands Heavens to Betsy and Bratmobile, as teased in its latest video. Last but not least, now indie developers Atrax Games have launched a crowdfunding campaign for Epic Metal Knights: War, Love and Other Nonsense.

Following on the heels of the browser-based freeware adventure Epic Metal Knights: Breakfast Quest, the latest "comedy point and click adventure game set in a world inspired by epic metal songs" casts players in the role of a knight in Epic Metal Town, a "steampunk metropolis powered by demonic energy." Lazy and selfish, caring only about "metal, cigarettes and breakfasts", the protagonist is called before King Burger in order to marry his daughter, 42 years old and "ugly as hell". Unable to refuse the King but wishing anything but this arranged wedding, the knight soon finds himself tasked with vanquishing a demon who feeds off anger and frustration.

As seen in the game's teaser, War, Love and Other Nonsense is a hand-drawn third-person adventure with a rousing soundtrack by the "parody-fun-gay-metal band" Nanowar of Steel. From Epic Metal Town, players will travel to such unusual locations as the Forest of Minerals, Graveyard of Glory (epic metal knights "don't die, but while waiting to wake up from the long nap, they rest here"), Poop Lake, and the Dragon's Lair, a "sentient cave in which dwells an obese pigeon dragon".

In order to make this game a reality in large-scale commercial form, Atrax is seeking to raise $7,500 through Indiegogo by April 22.  A $7 contribution will get you a DRM-free download of the game for PC, while upper tiers offer additional perks like early beta access, soundtrack, and even a personal character representation in the game. To read more about the game and pledge to the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page for details. As a fixed funding campaign, the developers will only receive funds if the full amount is reached by deadline.

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