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Revamped David Slade Mysteries gets new life with 3D overhaul

For those of you who think the genre never evolves at all, indie adventure David Slade Mysteries: Memories of the Past has evolved all on its own from a retro, low-res 2D production to a modern 3D adventure.

Originally announced as a Police Quest-inspired retro title by the name of Case Files: Death from Above, the debut production from indie developer Steve Adamson has now been entirely overhauled. While still retaining some elements of the original storyline and character, Adamson has now completely rewritten the script and revamped the design in order to "tell a darker and more sinister story, combined with horror and suspense while using newer 3D technology".

Memories of the Past now stars the titular David Slade, a rookie homicide detective with his own "dark and haunting past", who sets out to visit his grieving parents on the fifth anniversary of his sister's suspicious, unexplained death. Before he arrives, however, David injures himself in a car crash, forcing him to seek help at the nearest house. Unfortunately for David, "what happened next, he was completely unprepared for."

As seen in the new screenshots of this "trip through David's mind and twisted mentality of his captors", gone are the third-person, 2D pixel art visuals from Case Files, now replaced with realistic first-person graphics and free-roaming movement controlled by a WASD-mouse combo.

There is currently no firm timetable for the release of David Slade Mysteries, but the developer is hoping to complete the game before the end of 2013.

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