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Swedish folklore comes to life in Oknytt this spring

What do you know about Swedish folklore? For many of us, the answer is probably "not much", but that will soon change with the upcoming release of Oknytt.

Named after an "umbrella term for all supernatural deities found in Swedish folklore", Oknytt follows the journey of an unnamed, seemingly insignificant newborn creature who must travel through a forest "during an especially dark night occurring but a few times every one-hundred years".  In search of a place to belong, this creature will encounter "long-slumbering ancient forest deities, devious lake spirits luring travelers into the dark waters, dwellers of the deepest mountains who snatch miners as they stray from the lit tunnels and many more."

As seen in the game's announcement trailer and early screenshots, this debut adventure from indie develpers Nemoria Entertainment is a hand-drawn point-and-click adventure that takes place in a "Norse medieval world" depicted in an art style heavily inspired by Swedish painter John Bauer. The point-and-click gameplay promises to be a "mix of classic puzzle solving and manipulation of parts of the environment around the creature". The latter is accomplished through the use of four elemental runes that can be "activated at any time to trigger various changes and events in the area around the protagonist."

There is currently no firm release date planned yet for Oknytt, but the developers are hoping to launch the game on PC through digital distributors sometime in the second quarter of 2013.

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