Stylish point-and-click puzzler Gomo to be unleashed next quarter

It may not be saving the world, but saving your dog has proven to be a worthy gaming cause, and Gomo looks to be the next adventure to mark its territory in the canine-rescuing field.

The debut title from Slovakian indie developer Fishcow Studio casts players in the titular role of Gomo, a rag doll-type "hero" who has but one mission: to save his best friend Dingo. But to do that, he'll first need to overcome the many puzzling obstacles and dangers standing in his way.

As displayed in the game's first screenshots and announcement trailer, Gomo is a hand-drawn point-and-click adventure that promises to take players though a variety of unique environments, some of which are definitely unsafe for a character of Gomo's size and stature. But it's wits rather than brawn that will help him overcome the many puzzles that confront him.

There is currently no firm release date for Gomo, but Fishcow is well along in development and hopes to release the game sometime in the second quarter of this year. Gomo will be offered exclusively for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux, including at Steam Greenlight if the game gets enough votes.

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lewuz lewuz
Mar 4, 2013

looks very interesting, looking forward! Smile

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