Indie Spanish adventure conjures up Voodoo later this year

If you've ever had dark thoughts about manipulating a voodoo doll, you'll get your chance later this year when Voodoo is released.

In the debut adventure from indie Spanish studio Ayramen, players will bring a little voodoo doll to life in an old abandoned textile factory. The building seems "dead and desolate", but you'll soon discover that it's anything but as you "help the doll to solve puzzles and riddles to move through the different levels, avoiding deadly dangers."

As seen in the game's first trailer, Voodoo is a stylish third-person, hand-drawn adventure that should remind people of Machinarium. The protagonist can "die", but the gameplay is point-and-click – or more accurately, point and tap, as it's being designed primarily for iOS platforms. The developers hope to port the game to Windows and Mac later on, but this isn't yet a certainty.

There is currently no firm release date for Voodoo, but the game is on track to launch sometime in 2013.

  • Voodoo Screenshot 1
  • Voodoo Screenshot 1
  • Voodoo Screenshot 1
  • Voodoo Screenshot 1
  • Voodoo Screenshot 1
  • Voodoo Screenshot 1
  • Voodoo Screenshot 1

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Advie Advie
Feb 16, 2013

does that look so machinarium or does it? Grin .. something to look forward !

Mar 28, 2013

Nice screenshots.

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