An episodic Rose set to bloom in new indie adventure series

The flowers are blooming early this year, as an new episodic indie adventure series called Rose has just been announced for release next month.

The game casts players in the titular role of Rose, a 12 year-old girl who enters an old house that's been abandoned for nearly 30 years along with her friends. The "house on the edge of Aevus Street has long been the center of local myth and legend" since the unexplained death of Gilda Gudjonsen and the disappearance of her husband Henry, and many believe that "something sinister lurks behind the fence with the aging 'keep out' sign..." Once inside, Rose will be the one to "discover the truth behind Dr. Henry Gudjonsen's obsession."

As seen in the game's first trailer, Rose is an atmospheric first-person adventure along the lines of Dark Fall and Scratches. Although made in real-time 3D, it's a point-and-click adventure that transitions between available explorable scenes. Rose will tell a continuous story spanning four episodes, each of which will begin with a recap of the previous episode's story. Israel-based indie developer Cellar Door Interactive anticipates a timeframe of 2-3 months between subsequent installments.

The debut episode of Rose is nearly complete, and the developers expect to launch the game through various digital distributors for PC and Google Play for Android devices sometime in March. An iOS version is also planned for release shortly thereafter.

  • Rose: Time Apart Screenshot 1
  • Rose: Time Apart Screenshot 1
  • Rose: Time Apart Screenshot 1
  • Rose: Time Apart Screenshot 1
  • Rose: Time Apart Screenshot 1

Game Info

Rose: Time Apart

Mac, PC, Linux

, by Cellar Door Interactive


Cellar Door Interactive

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