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Kickstarter mania spreads to Senscape’s Asylum

The Kickstarter madness has spread so far, it was only a matter of time until it wound up in the asylum. The Hanwell Mental Insitute, to be precise, as Senscape's Asylum is the latest adventure to go the crowdfunding route.

Unless you've been living under a rock (or hiding your head under the covers since the launch of Scratches), the latest game from Agustín Cordes is well known to most adventure gamers. Set in the expansive psychiatric hospital once thought to be abandoned, Asylum sends players back into Hanwell as a former patient attempting to understand the reasons behind his recent disturbing hallucinations.

Asylum Kickstarter video

First unveiled nearly three years ago and recently greenlit on Steam, production on Asylum has already taken longer than expected as Senscape recreates an authentic hospital layout with nearly 100 different rooms, then fills each until they're "bursting with detail, mood, and backstory." Now, in order to finish the game before the end of this year, the developers are seeking $100,666 in crowdfunding by February 28th. While the building is already "virtually complete and fully explorable", the additional funds will allow Agustín and his team to work diligently on the project full time until it's finished.

Pledge rewards include a free downloable copy of the game for Windows, Mac, or Linux for $15 (rising to $20 after the first 2000 contributions), along with upper tier bonuses like a digitial or printed record book, soundtrack, Tour of Hanwell documentary, boxed version of the game complete with "feelies", and your name in Hanwell's in-game register to prove just how crazy you are.

To learn more about Asylum and the indie team behind it, check out our interview with Agustín and our preview of the game. And, of course, to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit the Kickstarter page for full details.

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Feb 2, 2013
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