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Cold Case Summer comes early in new Carol Reed mystery

If you've been anxiously awaiting your annual winter vacation to Norrköping, Sweden, you can soon book your (virtual) travel plans, as indie developer MDNA games has just revealed the latest Carol Reed adventure, Cold Case Summer.

In the ninth mystery of her amateur detective career, Carol declines a request for help from a mysterious man who refuses to divulge his identity. The very next morning, however, the same man is found dead in the Norrköping River, so Carol decides to look into the case. What she discovers is a trail that leads back to the 1986 unsolved assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, a shocking revelation that jeopardizes her own safety the more she pursues the truth.

Cold Case Summer is currently well along in production, and the developer hopes to release the game both on disc and through digital distribution by the end of February, with a playable demo arriving earlier in the month.

Details on Cold Case Summer

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Carol agrees to help a friend of a friend, Andrea, who has suffered a temporary drug-induced memory loss.

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