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New horror adventure emerges through Doorways in March

When one door closes, another opens... That sounds like an encouraging thought, but what you'll find behind each door in the upcoming horror adventure Doorways is yet another dark manifestation of nightmarish imagination.

In the first adventure from indie Argentian developer Saibot Studios, players will explore a variety of worlds that represent "a twisted representation of your mind mixed with the ones from the psychos you’ll have to face." Nothing is ever quite what it seems, and you'll struggle for answers to questions like: "What's real? What kind of nightmare is this that can hurt you or even kill you? Why do you remember things you never lived?"

As demonstrated by its teaser trailer, Doorways is a first-person, free-roaming 3D adventure. Each unique world has varying gameplay concepts that range from "simple mind puzzles to timed and agility-demanding situations". Some are based on exploration and labyrinth crawling, others include more traditional inventory puzzles, while still other problems must be solved under pressure, whether from dangerous creatures, traps, or other obstacles. The goal is to keep players "on the edge of their seats, never knowing what will come next."

Doorways promises to include both tense psychological horror and outright jump scares, and will slowly dole out the backstory through notes, flashbacks, and dramatic cutscenes. If successful, the developers aim to make Doorways an episodic adventure that introduces new terrifying worlds to explore as little as a few months apart.

The first chapter of Doorways is currently on track for downloadable release on PC this March. If you'd like to see the game released on Steam, it is currently eligible for voting on Greenlight. For more information about the game while you wait, drop by the official website.

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