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Unique sound puzzler FRACT OSC will be music to our ears

If you're tone deaf, you'll want to run screaming from the room now, but for those who like the sound (literally) of unique new puzzle-adventure experiences, keep an eye (and ear) on Phosfiend Systems' FRACT OSC when it's released later this year.

Described by indie designer Richard E Flanagan as a mix of "Myst meets Rez meets Tron", FRACT OSC is an open-world first-person puzzle adventure quite unlike any we've seen before. Inspired by elements of electronic music and set on a broken-down, "abstract forgotten world of analog sounds, samples and glitches", players will solve puzzles to "rebuild its forgotten machinery, which then allows them to create their own sounds and music within the world."

As seen in the game's video developer diary, the free-roaming, fully 3D puzzler has a unique, minimalist art style to go with its music-inspired puzzles and synthesized "dynamic user-controlled audio system". The game will also include music and sound-shaping tools, and let players create their own music and share it with others. There is what the developers refer to as a "loose narrative" tying the game's events together, but it's left to the player to discover just what that is.

Originally begun as a university project before being expanded to a commercial adventure, FRACT OSC is currently on pace for launch on PC and Mac sometime this year (including on Steam Greenlight it if gets enough votes), though no firm release date has yet been announced.  In the meantime, check out the official website for more information.

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