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Astroloco: Worst Contact steaming hard towards launch

All aboard! Next stop: outer space, in the upcoming sci-fi comic indie adventure from Hungry Planet Games, Astroloco: Worst Contact.

By the year 2153, mankind has begun colonizing space using "ridiculously deadly, moon-sized trains - 'Astro Locomotives'. They're operated by enormous, competing railroad companies and train vs. train combat is (expensively) common."  As if that weren't bad enough, it's now up to a "mistreated mechanic and a swashbuckling pilot as you try to save Gilbert Station from destruction at the hands of an alien death fleet!"

As the game's latest trailer and first screenshots demonstrate, Astroloco is a retro-styled point-and-click adventure inspired by the 1990s classics. The game will be fully voiced and feature an original sountrack, while the distinctive art style will be familiar to those who have played Murray Lewis and David Blake's popular freeware adventures Plan M and subAtomic, each of which won their respective Ludum Dare competitions for best humour. Astroloco promises to deliver more of the same comedic writing and plenty of interesting puzzles and minigames.

The best news of all is that we don't have long to wait. Astroloco: Worst Contact is currently on track for PC release on January 31st through download portals such as Amazon, Green Man Gaming and FireFlower Games (and possibly Steam if enough people vote for it on Greenlight). In the meantime, you can check the game out for yourself, as a playable demo is already available.

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I just played the demo, it’s quite a funny game ....reminds me of Space Quest with the narrator anyhow looking forward to the full game Smile

Jan 10, 2013
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