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The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura discovered in North America

Neither bankruptcy nor hurricane could hold Lost Chronicles of Zerzura down, as Viva Media has officially announced the game's release in North America.

Originally slated to arrive in the UK earlier this year, the financial troubles of German publisher dtp entertainment threatened to put Lost Chronicles of Zerzura in localization limbo. Then, just when the final game from Cranberry Production (makers of Black Mirror II and III) seemed poised for release in North America, New York-based Viva Media was caught in the devastating hurricane that hit the eastern seaboard, further delaying the launch announcement and distribution.

All that is history now, however, as the game is available in North American stores and through digital distributors such as Amazon. And history is exactly where players will be going in this 16th century tale of an ingenious young inventor named Feodor. When the his brother is arrested by the Inquisition for his knowledge of a fabled artifact, Feodor's pursuit to find him "takes him through Spain, across the Mediterranean to distant Africa – and unbeknown to him, Feodor is now on a quest which will take him right back to the very roots of his origins: the legendary desert city of ZERZURA, in which an ancient terror guards over powerful secrets."

For more information about Lost Chronicles of Zerzura, check out our hands-on preview of the game. There is still no further word on the ongoing wait for the UK release.


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Where can you get this game, download and retail, if you live in Europe?

Nov 16, 2012

What?? This is amazing. Thanks for the heads up. Just picked it up on Amazon.

Nov 8, 2012
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