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ASA: A Space Demo offers early sampler of sci-fi puzzler

If you've been wondering what awaits in Simon Mesnard's upcoming ASA: A Space Adventure, now you can probe the question in earnest in a playable demo of the game.

As an astronaut repairing an old satellite in the year 2057, you find yourself teleported by a mysterious black cube in space to an unknown spaceship. Cut off from your own craft, you must explore the ship and a pair of uncharted planets if you're to figure out a way back home. 

The demo drops you onto one of the planets with no explanation or instructions. Like the Myst series, which Mesnard cites as an inspiration, you must simply begin exploring in order to piece together both your objectives and the means to achieve them.

Weighing in at 274 MB, the playable sampler is a "pre-beta" demo that isn't fully indicative of the final version. There are currently no sound effects, for example, and the demo runs only in a window where the full game will run in full-screen mode. You can download the demo directly from the developer.

ASA: A Space Adventure is currently due for release sometime before the end of the year. In the meantime, check out the developer's blog for more details about the game.

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