Demo for Gorogoa opens window into unique new puzzler

While many adventure games require puzzle-solving to unfold the storyline, a stylish new indie game called Gorogoa takes that concept one step further, as the storyline itself is folded into grid-based tiles that must be strategically manipulated.

If the thought of "sliding tiles" sends a shiver down your spine, rest assured that there's far more to Gorogoa than the traditional logic puzzle we've all encountered before. The game is split into four distinct panels, each of which can be slid into open spaces or overlaid on top of others. How the image in each panel connects (or doesn't) with those around or beneath will determine your progress. As indie developer Jason Roberts describes it, "each tile is also a window into a different part of the game world--or perhaps into a different world--and each window plays like its own little game."

If the concept sounds difficult to grasp in theory, you can already try it out first-hand. Though still a work in progress, Roberts has released a playable demo showcasing Gorogoa's unique mechanics and attractive hand-drawn presentation. The demo is under 200 MB in size and can be found at the official website.

Even with the demo, the story details are intentionally vague at this point, as the "sense of mystery" surrounding the events of the game is part ofthe experience, and Roberts claims he enjoys leaving things open to interpretation.

We'll have a bit of wait to discover the full story for ourselves, as the final version of Gorogoa is tentatively scheduled for completion late in 2013. The current plan is to launch for PC and Mac, with iOS and Android mobile versions to follow.

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Gorogoa  2017

Gorogoa is a lovingly hand-illustrated world suspended inside of a unique puzzle.