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The Walking Dead revives today with Episode 3 release

It's been two months since the last Walking Dead episode, but like its zombies the series is far from dead, as Episode 3: Long Road Ahead is launching today for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360, following yesterday's early North American release on PlayStation 3.

After the grisly climax of the previous episode, the small group of zombie apocalypse survivors are forced to leave the relative safety of the motel in which they've been holed up for several months. But sometimes the bigger enemy is within, and "the fallout from treachery within the group will lead to some shocking moments, and - depending on thechoices you make - one of the hardest things that Lee has ever had to do."

Long Road Ahead will be available today for PC and Mac exclusively as part of the full-season purchase, while Xbox 360 owners can buy the game for 400 MS Points as DLC within the original Walking Dead Xbox LIVE Arcade release. North American PS3 owners can purchase the standalone episode for $4.99 or as part of a season pass, but European and international release dates for the PlayStation Network have yet to be determined. An iOS release is also planned for a later date.

For more information about the series, including plenty of additional videos, check out Telltale's Walking Dead website.

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