Myst-style adventure unearthed next month in The Five Cores

Where have all the Myst-style adventures gone?  That's what indie developer Neebla Games must have been wondering, but instead of coming up with an answer, they created one of their own in the form of The Five Cores

Not surprisingly, you play as a stranger who arrives on a mysterious island to find a letter pleading for your help.  The island's former inhabitants have become exiled on another world, and only by making the "dreams of a miracle child" become reality can you cause the collapse of this world. It's your task to explore these strange lands and solve puzzles in order to "wake up the child with magic stones."

The Five Cores looks and promises to play very much like Myst as you "discover five mysterious islands and try to resolve their strange mechanisms", but the game is displayed in real-time 3D, controlling more like realMyst or End of Ages in that respect.

Developed exclusively for PC, The Five Cores is close to completion, with a target downloadable launch date some time next month.


nomadsoul nomadsoul
Aug 28, 2012

Wow this is how you do a Ripoff, great work, art looks great and realtime 3D is plus, next month release is surprise.

Advie Advie
Aug 29, 2012

i can not say its a rip-off as much as its just another Myst clone Adventure that really looks intriguing !

Sep 10, 2012

A download….sure would like a disc game though of this also.  What are the chances? 

It’s being released in just a couple of days….YAY!  I hope we’re not just being teased by that date.

Sep 10, 2012

SORRY, I don’t know where I got the idea that it’s being release on the 12th of Sept.  And I can’t find anything that even remotely says the date of the release.  BawWeh! 
But I hope I’m right!  That would be great.

Sep 11, 2012

It is on their web site. It is being released tomorrow but can only be purchased thru them and by paying with Paypal. It is going to cost about $9.00.

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