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Screen 7 plans trips to Kinky Island, Camp Ravenwood

Screen 7 has plotted a course for two very different destinations next year, as the indie developer behind the recent pay-what-you-want Summerbatch bundle promotion has a pair of its own adventures underway in Kinky Island and A Night at Camp Ravenwood.

Kinky Island

Originally conceived as a "joke" by designer Mark Lovegrove in 2001, Kinky Island got so far as a playable demo in 2006 before fizzling out for several years.  Thanks to a successful Indiegogo fundraising appeal, however, this comic tale that "parodies classic '90s adventuring with slapstick, jokes and references" is back on track for a 2013 release, promising more than 30 hand-drawn scenes to explore, an original soundtrack, and "humor, nudity and many puzzles" (not necessarily in that order). 

Kinky Island follows a young man named Joey Cormack, who is having trouble finding a girlfriend until one rainy night in London that transports him to "a beautiful tropical island filled to the brim with hot chicks! Help him discover the secret of Kinky Island and put all he's learnt to good use. That is, if he can stop getting distracted and quit daydreaming for any length of time... (probably not!)"

For more information about Kinky Island, check out the official website

A Night at Camp Ravenwood

If the thought of a sexy comic romp doesn't turn you on (or even if it does), perhaps you'd be interested in spending A Night at Camp Ravenwood, a "horror-dramedy point-and-click adventure game inspired by the works of Ron Gilbert, Shigesato Itoi, Tim Schafer, John Carpenter, Kazuma Kaneko, Dario Argento, and Junji Ito."

Camp Ravenwood is a "dangerous, dirty camp for delinquents, owned by vampires, and run by Switchblade and his cruel and unusual biker gang."  During the day it's a normal campsite with the usual summertime activities, but when the sun goes down Ravenwood becomes "a place where death is around every corner. A headless maniac with an axe stalks the camp, there are aliens and monsters lurking in the woods, and jocks and bikers riding around waiting for any chance they can get to beat you to a pulp."

Attending this camp are "five ex-scouts accused of starting forest fires." If Smoky and Germy Bumblerose, Benny Berkybile, Clancy Swindler, and Franky Flynnigan are to survive their night at Camp Ravenwood, they'll need not only their wits, but additional help in the form of "a mysterious witch named Barbara and a troupe of Girl Scouts led by one pissed-off mother."

Also due for release sometime in 2013, you can find more details about A Night at Camp Ravenwood, including an additional trailer, at the official website.


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