Interactive teaser demo breaks free from Asylum

Most people would probably want to get out of an asylum, but players anxious to get into Senscape's Asylum can now briefly do so in an interactive teaser.

Asylum sends players into the haunting first-person environs of the Hanwell Mental Institute.  Once a thriving facility, it was closed down after a series of accusations of patient abuse, becoming decayed and decrepit from neglect ever since. As a former patient yourself, you've begun having disturbing visions related to Hanwell, and though you have only horrid memories of the place, it's time you returned to investigate. 

The demo offers players a personal look at the first handful of what promises to be many locations in the large, sprawling institution.  As you explore such areas as the cafeteria, tree-blocked hallways and infirmary, your observations will be accompanied by voiceovers from industry veteran Josh Mandel. The interactive teaser is approximately 170 MB in size, and is available from the official website for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems. 

Currently on track for final release late in 2013, Asylum will be on display at the Gamescom convention in Germany this week, and we'll be there to see more of it, so stay tuned for further coverage of this promising indie horror in the weeks to come.

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