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Folklore-inspired horror descends on Italian Alps in Anna

A visit to the D’Ayas Valley in the Italian Alps may sound like a dream vacation, but it's the source of nightmares in the newly-released horror adventure Anna.

Anna sends its protagonist to an abandoned sawmill in Valle d’Aosta to discover the meaning behind his recurring nightmares.  There he'll discover puzzles to solve and a "dark presence" awaiting him, but "his greatest enemy will be his mind. Can he bear the weight of the truth?"

A real-time 3D game by Italian indie developer Dreampainters, Anna's storyline is based on real local folklore.  As you encounter mysterious forces, the state of the protagonist's mental health will cause locations to change and different secrets to be revealed, leading to one of three possible endings.

Anna is available for download now for 7.99€ or $9.99 at various download portals such as Zodiac and Desura


Community Comments

Latest comments (5 total)

I removed the other two pics already.  The old 4 and 6 are no longer the new 4 and 6.

Jul 21, 2012

huh? the room from 4 and 6 is clearly visible in the trailer…

Jul 21, 2012

You’re right, they are.  The database is confusing Annas.  (The other is Vince Twelve’s Anna, I believe.)

Jul 21, 2012

Screenshots 4 and 6 seem like they’re from a different game. It does look interesting, but you never can tell. In games like these with a new developer it’s always down to the execution.

Jul 21, 2012

I saw a preview of this a while ago and it seemed like an interesting concept, but one that hadn’t been fleshed out much. I wonder how far they’ve come with it.

Jul 17, 2012
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